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And So It Comes To An End

 Chicago-based band Real Friends kills it at their first SXSW show.

Chicago-based band Real Friends kills it at their first SXSW show.

Here I thought I was going to have time to post photos and write about each day here at SXSW; I was clearly wrong about that. Each day went by so fast but they were so long as well. Each day Ashley and I woke up early to run around the city either volunteering, checking out daytime showcases, or exploring. Our days usually ended around 2am and we didn't get back to where we were staying until 3am. 

Each day brought new adventures and new people to meet. During my stay in Austin I met with some friends I haven't seen in a while, new photographers to network with, and even did a portrait session with an amazing band called Ohlayindigo. I can't wait to share those photos! 

Now I'm sitting in a Starbucks reflecting on my journey here. Being part of the SXSW Photo Crew was a great experience because for the first time ever, I got to sit with another photographer and got feedback on my work. I got a chance to check out some really interesting venues and artists too. Austin has some great food and even better venues like Mohawk (my favorite). 

My last full day here in Austin will consist of coffee, walking exploring, and relaxing before I wake up early and head out. Ashley and I still have a Megabus ride to catch, a train to the airport, and our final flight until we are back in Chicago. Until then I've got my camera, my phone, my iPad, my shades, and a playlist. Gallery of photo coming soon!





Playlist - 03/20/2016

  •  Spectrolite / Bayonne
  • Playing Dead / CHVRCHES
  • Laughing and Not Being Normal / Grimes
  • Love You To the Moon / Ohlayindigo 
  • I've Given Up On You / Real Friends
  • You Don't Own Me (feat. G- Eazy) /  Grace
  • Do It, Try It / M83