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Day 1: It'd been a bit of time since I traveled, it was during the holidays is when I got to hop on a plane somewhere. My love to travel and explore always needs to be met so I'm happy that this is my first (but not my last) trip of this year. The next few days will consist of adventurous days and long musician nights.

This year I was accepted to be part of the SXSW Photo Crew; this is a huge accomplishment for myself and I'm so lucky to be apart of the it. So my assignments will lead me to work long nights but doing something I truly enjoy, photographing shows. This journey is taking me to Austin, TX and its s place I have never been so my desire to travel is truly being met.

On top of all of this, I am joined by a good friend of mine rom college. She is someone who is as adventurous as I am and has a unique eye for the world we live in. Ashley and I will be spending the week in Austin; she'll be volunteering with the music part of SXSW and I will be photographing at night.

I'm not sure what experience will be like for Ashley and I, however I do think it will be amazing. So here's to SXSW and I will be writing, posting photos, and much more of my journey so stay tuned!



- Kris