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Blurryface Visits Chicago

Let me tell you the story of how my first day off in over two months, ended up to be one of the best days of the year for me. I got invited by my friends in the metal band TanZen to photograph them at UIC's Spark In The Park. They were opening for Wale and Twenty One Pilots. I was completely honored and excited to be part of something amazing, especially since one of my favorite bands was headlining. 

So I geared up my equipment and a print of mine that I took of the guys at Lollapalooza a mere month ago. My goals for the day were to take the best picture possible, meet the guys, give them a print, and have fun with my friends. As I arrived to the venue I looked upon the large venue and saw Twenty One Pilots doing their soundcheck. I stood there in the seats just watching and appreciating not only their talent but also enjoying the reminder that being part of the music world is truly what I want to do. 

Later on, TanZen loaded in their gear and to my surprise their dressing room was right across from Twenty One Pilots. I felt like I may have a good chance to meet the guys but only after my work was done. Before I knew it the doors opened and student flooded and flocked to the main floor. As TanZen took the stage the crowd cheered and it honestly made me really happy to see how far these guys have gotten themselves. I guess you would call it a proud mom moment? 

As the guys finished up, I took myself back to the dressing room to start editing. With my work schedule it better for me to work on things right away. As I sat there I heard the beginning beats of Wale taking the stage. I got up and walked out of the dressing room curious to see their performance. As I walked out I heard two voices behind me; Tyler and Josh of Twenty One Pilots was right behind me.

I was ecstatic that my chance came. I walked up to the guys and introduced myself and I mentioned to them that I had something for them if they wouldn't mind me grabbing the gifts. They said sure and told me where I could find them. As I grabbed the prints, I felt a smile come across my face just because it would be the first time I could show my work to the actual artists that I took the photo of. 

I walked back over to the guys and Josh met with me and I explain that I am a music photographer. I explained that the photo was from Lollapalooza and I wanted to share it with them. I asked if they could sign the large print that I had for me to keep. Tyler followed and signed the photo. What really blew my mind was the fact that Josh said my good was awesome and I was talented. That truly meant a lot to hear that from someone I think it super talented and so kind. Thanks guys!

With having met most of my goals I knew that I only had one last thing to do and that was to have fun. I grabbed my gear and got ready to photograph the guys for their first three songs. As "HeavyDirtySoul" started to play I realized that I was very lucky and blessed to be where I am after so long of photographing . Twenty One Pilots is truly amazing band and it was great to see/ meet the guys. 



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