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Los Angeles

 Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach

            When I was growing up I never thought I would leave Boston. It was everything I thought I needed, and I planned to live and die there. When I was nearing the end of my high school chapter; I suddenly decided to move to Chicago. A year later I was in Chicago living it up. With all the work I do, it’s no surprise that New York City and Los Angeles were mentioned to me as places where i should consider moving to. I had been to New York City a few times and I really enjoyed it; the fast-paced city life was lovely to me. Los Angeles on the other hand was something I didn’t really know well enough to consider it a place to live. My brother once told me that it wasn’t quite what he expected when he visited and wasn’t sure how I would like it.

            It’s my third day being here and I can honestly say it’s somewhere that I can see myself living for sure. My time here has been well spent so far. I’ve walked to new places, met new people, gone to the beach, photographed some interesting stuff, and luckily I have four more days here. The weather is outstanding and I feel like my soul is purified and recharged. It was so surreal waking up after my first night and walking out to the balcony to see palm trees. It took my breath away when I saw the Pacific Ocean and I had some time to reflect on myself. I’m watching the sunset now and I feel inspired.

            There are passionate people here who are chasing their dream or even living it right now. I’ve had the chance, so far, to meet them and it’s been great. Los Angeles is somewhere that I can look out and feel like I can take on anything. It’s a feeling I felt when I was in New York City, but a bit different. As the night approaches I’m wondering what to do tonight either way I know it’s going to be memorable. I hope the rest of my stay is filled with photos, videos, memories, new experiences, and chances to meet new people. So cheers everyone, the west coast won me over!