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Collaboration #1

One of my New Year’s resolutions for this year was to take the time to start collaborating with other photographers. I realize that you can learn so much about the field of photography and about other people by just working with him. Realizing this, I decided to reach out to a photographer that is part of the UIC community. Joseph Horejs is a student at UIC who has a passion for photography. His work consistently is seen around campus since he shoots for UIC News. He has covered music events,      UIC events, and much more. I knew who he was but didn’t really know him so I took the opportunity to have a photo session with him after running into him after the holiday break.

We met on campus and made our way to Chicago’s lakefront, a location that changes dramatically through the seasons. In the summer, it’s filled with people young and old who walk alongside Lake Michigan for the tranquility. In the winter, it’s deserted except for the two of us and the wanders who walk along the lake still.

We walked around the lake front and museum campus while interacting with everything we saw. As Joseph worked on this upcoming project and developing concepts, I looked for the unknown. I just take photos of random things that catch my eye or think would be fun to play around with in Lightroom. We saw geese, a couple of friends smoking a cigarette and playing music on one of their laptops, and even tried to break the lake’s icy coat (didn’t work). Throughout all of this we talked and I learned more things about him; his beginning into photography, what he hopes to do with it, and his family too.

This is what I liked a lot about collaboration and hanging out with people I don’t really know too well. I’ve always been intrigued with people’s stories of their life, hopes, dreams, fears, and whatever else they have to offer. You learn so much about them and see them in a different light. After our session was done, I made my way to lunch with one of my best friends and realized that I probably make the best decision ever to start working with others. New sessions, new stories, new people, new friends...I look forward to more photo sessions.

Below are some of my favorite shots of the day; click photo to see more.

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