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What The Road Means

Note to self: write more often.

Most of my friends think I’m kind of crazy to stay on a bus for about 20 hours from Chicago to New York City. I actually truly enjoy it because it gives me time to edit photos, videos, plan out things for the future, and more importantly I have time to reflect. 

Self-reflection is so important because it gives you time to look at your life and truly realize where you stand. This doesn’t mean you have to make drastic changes but more of asking yourself important questions.

“Are you happy with what you’re doing?”
“How have you been a good human to society?”
“You’re not perfect and that’s okay but how can you improve?”
“What has caused you pain lately?”
“Have you taken time to properly address that pain, feel it, and heal from it?”
“Have you called the ones that you hold close to your heart?”

These are some questions I asked myself as I listen to my music and stare out to the landscape scenery that passes by me. Right now, it’s almost perfection as I sit here and watch the vast amount of trees that are changing colors. Autumn is so lovely in my eyes and now I understand why it’s my mother’s favorite season. 

As I sit here and reflect I also bring along my journal that has a lot of my thoughts and emotions from past life events. Some good and some not so good; but it always fun to re-read these entries and see how it has shaped you. I’ll be honest too that there are some entries that seem so petty that I rip them out and leave them behind at one of the rest stops. No matter that case this trip is exactly what I needed. 

So I’m off to CMJ in NYC and it’s going to be amazing to be in a city full of life and music for practically the week. It gives me a chance to make new friends, to meet up with some of The Photos Ladies of NYC, and network. It also gives me a great reason to go to New Jersey to Carlo’s Bakery for a cannoli; just saying. With my polaroid by my side, I’m excited to capture some new moments and record this journey of mine. Just a few more hours until I arrived and my coverage for Quip Magazine beings. 

Stay Tuned:

Current Playlist:

  • Down Side of Me - Chvrches
  • Traveling On - Kongos
  • Often - The Weeknd
  • Blur - We Came As Romans
  • I Wanna Get Better- Bleachers
  • Empire - Of Monsters and Men
  • Hurricane - Halsey
  • I Walk The Line - Halsey
  • What Is Love - Haddaway
  • Diamonds In The Dark - Dark Waves
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