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Boston's Back Bay

Boston is my home and no one can deny me that. With the rowdy sport fans, to the fresh seafood, to the brisk ocean air filling every inch of the city; this is my home. I go home pretty much only once a year and it's always during the winter. This being the case, I don't always get to enjoy the ocean view, since it's too darn cold to get close enough. However this year, the weather was acting weird (in a good way); it was warm and almost felt like fall. So I was able to get to the ocean, breathe in that lovely air, and enjoy one the things I missed the most.

My time home brought me back to my roots and refreshed my soul for the new year. Being with my family and my hometown friends brought back so many memories. I can't wait to go back but until then this photo captures my love for my city of Boston.